If you have large groups of products, with similar attributes, it is far easier to set up your products in a .csv file and use the “import” technique to populate your product database.

  1. Create one product using the Magento dashboard. Fill in the required fileds. Remember to assign category.
  2. Use System/(Import/Export)/Export – select products to export in CSV format.
  3. It will display the entity attributes table.
  4. Ignore everything and go down to the bottom of the page and press continue.
  5. It will download a file called “catalog_product_datetime.csv” to your pc.
  6. Open the .csv file and populate it with the products you want to create. You can copy the rows and change the SKU number, name of products, pricing, etc.
  7. When finish, save the file as a .csv. If you’re in OpenOffice.org, make sure you tick the check box “edit filter settings”.
  8. Click ok for the next option.
  9. Now go back to Magento.
  10. Go to System/(Import/Export)/Import.
  11. Append to complex data.