WordPress is an amazingly powerful content management system (CMS) that comes free under the GNU┬álicense. According to statistics, WordPress accounts for about 75% of all content management system and has become the top dog in the field of CMS. WordPress’ popularity isn’t surprising since it’s extremely intuitive and user friendly and when it comes to updating content, it also allows business owners to make frequent changes without engaging a web professional. This versatility saves both time and money and thus makes sense for many small business owners to use WordPress as a platform for their web design.

As a small business owner, you can take control in managing the content of your website

You can easily modify a web page or create new posts for your web content without any programming knowledge.

Websites built on WP platform are search engine friendly

Used well, you can boost your Google or other search engine rankings.

Build stylish and modern websites

There are many modern and stylish themes you can choose from. You can see the layout and style of websites before embarking on customizing a theme for your business.

Flexible and Scalable

With WordPress, your site can be scaled up as your business expands. You can add more features, pages, content and other items on your website easily without incurring a lot of expenses and time.

Easily integrates with social media

There are no shortage of plugins available to integrate with Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Readily available blogging platform

If your website needs a blog, it is readily set up with just a click of a button.

Smart phones and tablets friendly

You can choose from many of the responsive themes that can adapt to smartphones and tablets so your business won’t loose out.